Open Source Software is Worth Complimented

With the improvement of modern technology, a lot of people uses computer. You see people using computers for multi purposes. However, not all people have the same level of proficiency in using computers. Studying how computer works, it is complicated. Computers need programs of which they can run and do functions. These programs need series of instructions to follow and they are called source code. Creating source codes, developing software is not easy tasks. Vigilance and full attention to these matters are very important.

It is because, if there are failures during the development of software, everything will be in ruin. Some people are specialized in doing this kind of field but others are not. Those who are less knowledgeable just simply know some basics but do not know the entire process and development. So how advantageous it is to have open source software. It is indeed very grateful! A source code is very important in running a program because this is the main key.

Various programs have been developed already and we are using them right at this moment. But you should note that they are either close source or open source software. Open source software allows users to have the freedom to run, distribute, study and improve the software. Thus, it gives opportunity to users to run as they wish for any purpose. It gives users freedom to study how the program works and adopt the source code for improvement. Furthermore, it allows users to redistribute so they can help neighbors, too.