What a Software Developer Need

Here are the characteristics that a good software developer and programmer must have.

1. A programmer must be a fast learner. Well, in programming, you talk about computer languages or simply codes. If you are a slow learner, there is a tendency that you will give. It does not mean that you have to very smart (although in some cases, you really have to be) for as long as you have the understanding of the computer world. In programming, if you are slow, your team will surely not be pleased.

2. A programmer must be collaborative. Programmers are working together in order to come up with a successful code. So if you do not know how to coordinate with people, for sure you will not be able to perform well. Even great software developers have lacking in their system.

3. A good programmer must be willing to sacrifice time. Absolutely, software developing and programming is time consuming. For programmers, they work day and night to work for a certain output. Who said that programming is easily done? If it is, why would programming require smart and technical skill?

4. Seek the demands of the customers. Programmers do not know exactly know all the demands of the customers. There are smart users who would think that they need something like that or something like this. This is why many seek the open source software because they can share their ideas and knowledge that can be benefit both programmers and users.