The Impact of an Open Source Software

Openness is something that people want to see from each other. It is the same with the use of computer. There are times that computer users would like to improve the operating system of a software so that the software would be more useful for them. So they want to find out how they can modify  it. In order to modify the system, they need to find the source code. The source codes are made visible by the programmers of the open source. In this case, those who know how to manipulate codes can change something or add something depending on their demand. How does the open source affect the computer users?

Of course, computer users would be very thankful for those who created open source software like the Mozilla Firefox and Linux Kernel.

The greatest impact of the open source software is that users will have the chance to broaden their sight towards logic and problem solving. It is counted that their problems are also other’s problems so they find way to solve the society problem.

Open source imply sharing what you have with one another. So in this case, people will practice to always give and not just receive. It is always better to give than to receive.

People will learn collaboration with each other accepting ideas in order to meet higher result, then using the computer will be nicer. It is not too much to say that open source software will develop our attitude and personality towards betterment.